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Some women find out the hard way, and some women find out when it’s too late. Family planning does not have to, and shouldn’t occur, later in a woman’s life. REPRODUCTIVE TESTING and ABILITY has been revolutionized over time, and options are many. Therefore, women who decide to delay motherhood, be it reasons of choice or force, until later in life can TAKE CONTROL of their fertility while young. Fertility, egg quantity and quality start to decline in the late 20s and for some women even earlier. It continues to steadily decline during the mid-30s. Every woman is different. There are women with good quality eggs in their late 30s and women with low quality eggs in their late 20s. Often, women feel PRESSURED into starting a family when they are young and not fully ready, equipped, or with the right mate. Often, women go through life not knowing their reproductive health until perhaps, it is too late. Not every woman has to undergo the experience and costs associated with freezing her eggs. But for those who KNOW TO DO, egg cryopreservation can be an insurance plan, back-up plan, and means to preserve the younger, healthier EGGS.


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While it can happen naturally, many women and celebrities who are having babies over 40 are using assisted fertilization techniques and over 7 million women to date have in the USA. Not acknowledging this to some degree, can portray a false sense of security that this is possible for all women to conceive naturally in that age group.



7 million women in America alone have received some form of help with fertility in their lifetime. 12% of married women have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy. Many women go through ASSISTED FERTILIZATION TECHNIQUES confused, clueless, and stressed. While it can be easy to type in a subject matter and do a quick internet search, the information obtained can cause confusion and increase stress. It can be difficult to COPE alone, especially after a failed attempt at IUI or IVF. Other women go through the tough decisions of how many IUIs and/or IVFs to endure. The QUESTION is raised when a woman may consider moving on to either DONOR EGGS, SURROGACY, or ADOPTION after several failed IUIs or IVF attempts. There are women who never thought to or were ever encouraged to aim to INCREASE the quality of the eggs prior to or during assisted fertilization. If you haven’t been successful, is there something you can do to potentially increase your chances and egg characteristics in the 3 months prior to IUI or IVF? The journey to motherhood may include a surrogate or adoption and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each takes considerable time and should be handled medically, emotionally, and legally.