The Secure Your Fertility App

The Secure Your Fertility App


Now officially introducing you to the Secure Your Fertility App!

The APP – Secure Your Fertility is a place where you can schedule a test to see if your AMH levelsare low, schedule a consultation, receive fertility tips and the latest fertility news. Your AMH levels, in layman’s terms, helps you to see how far along you are on your biological clock, unique to you. It’s a great tool for both waiting, single women and if you’re planning to conceive. If you are interested in scheduling an AMH Test in a city near you, visithere.

As most of you may know, I’m so passionate about fertility because I, too, have had issues with conception. Combining my passion and as a physician, I developed Secure Your Fertility. Not just an informational website, but a place where all women struggling with similar issues can find a safe-haven and feel comfortable and accepted. You can join our private Facebook community here.

I know it may be difficult at times to talk about the topic of infertility when you are struggling to create a family of your own. This takes a toll on you emotionally and physically. It is important to keep a positive mindset and to strive for the best outcome for your healthy well-being.

Take Charge

Ladies, at Secure Your Fertility, we encourage you to take charge of your LIFE!  Whether you are single, career-driven, or ready to become a mother, it is important to know all of the facts about pregnancy and motherhood.

Fertility Tips, Consultations, About Us and MORE!

The APP – Secure Your Fertility brings you several sections full of relevant and vast information. We provide the news, content, tips, terms, personal development, consultations, clinical testing and much more!

Understanding your body and fertility are important factors when you finally decide to start trying to have a baby. You can receive many more helpful tips and topics for your prenatal inquiries through our APP!

Ladies, if you are searching for a platform to learn about all of your prenatal, natal, and postnatal needs, you have come to the right place. There is a lot of information on the internet and it can be cumbersome to have to search for all your questions. The APP – Secure Your Fertility provides you with all the information you need right at your fingertips!

Through our APP, we provide you with options to purchase blood tests, fertility sessions and services. Our mission is to educate women by increasing awareness about infertility, body health, and how to take control of their fertility.

With Secure Your Fertility, we also provide illustrations, notes and local events. To stay up to date, we recommend that you Join Our Newsletter, Follow Our Social Media & Website, and Tell a Friend. We are here to help!

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To read more about Secure Your Fertility and its founder, visit the About Us page.

Dr. Jerisa ER

As one of the nation’s acclaimed doctors, board-certified in Emergency Medicine Dr. Jerisa Berry a.k.a “Dr. Jerisa ER” is also a nationally recognized speaker, media consultant, and author. She is on staff at several emergency facilities in South Florida and is co-owner of a medical clinic, Vital Care Medical Center, Inc with her husband. Dr. Jerisa is founder of, where she helps single ladies and career-minded women take control of their fertility.

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