What's the biological clock?

It’s shocking to some women to realize that when they are READY to get pregnant and to become a mom, their body may NOT be. Why is this, really? Let’s explain in simplest manner. When a girl is born, she has the maximum amount of eggs within her ovary at birth, in the 1 to 2 millions. As she ages, it declines and even before she starts her first period, it has drastically declined to much less than half. You do not make NEW eggs. And each of these eggs will not mature to ovulate.

Why is this important to understand?

In early 2017, I consulted with a 30 year old HEALTHY lady who had an AMH blood level of 0.4, much less than mine was at age 38. This is REAL and AWARENESS is key to understanding what it means. Thankfully, because she was trying to get pregnant, she gained knowledge of her AMH after failing to conceive. BUT, what about the 30 year old who is not trying and thus unaware of her ovarian reserve? AMH blood test gives women an idea of their remaining egg reserve.

Why know your AMH blood level?

If your AMH blood level is normal or high, good for you. If it’s very high, this could be an indication for testing for PCOS. My mission is to increase awareness for those women who would have low levels and not otherwise know this WITHOUT TESTING. Having been a patient, who also is a physician, I know fully the value of NOT treating numbers. I also add FAITH to my walk. But there has never been a woman that had a LOW LEVEL that didn’t, even through her hurt and devastation, see this knowledge as a wake-up call. A call to change your lifestyle. A call to rid your body of toxins. A call to decrease stress. A call to change your eating habits. A call to look into holistic medicine. KNOWING this created a REACTION that caused many women to seek ways to improve their numbers or the QUALITY of their REMAINING EGGS.

Don't rush into motherhood or love! Should I freeze my eggs?

It can be very hard to raise a child when you’re NOT READY to care for it. Parenting is tough and you want to be prepared or at a point to prepare. Single parenting is even more tough, so please don’t rush to become pregnant or rush to fall in love with possible the wrong person. Our purpose is to allow women a means to be aware of their fertility as they WAIT. Likewise, because I have consulted with women age 38 and up with good AMH levels, not every girl has to feel pressured to freeze their eggs. KNOWING helps you TO KNOW.


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It’s impossible to live your life with no worries. Your fertility does not have to be one.

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    Waiting for true love can take some time and rightfully so. 75% of women who choose to freeze their eggs do so because they are single. There is misery in raising a family with someone who really isn’t the best love that ever happened to you. Good things come to those who wait and yes, patience is a virtue. In the meantime, secure your fertility ladies! Knowledge is power!


    It’s often said that the best partners are those that lived and enjoyed their life before aligning with another in love. The time, fun, and memories you make with your girlfriends will last you forever and be hilarious moments well into your motherhood. But in the meantime, treasure your fertility gems! Knowledge is the key to freedom!


    You go to school. You get a job. You build a career. You do all that to improve your future circumstances. You work hard to be the best individual woman you can be, to spread your wings and to be of influence and help to others. As you climb keep in mind to, in the meantime, preserve your fertility girls! The gaining of knowledge is the first step to wisdom.


    Illness has no color and carries no watch. It can strike anyone at any moment and absolutely change your life. Various medical conditions can take you off course away from your plan of motherhood. Remember to take nothing for granted and plan accordingly so you look back on your life with no regrets. If something can be done to save your fertility, in the meantime, do that please ladies. “Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” -Albert Einstein


    So, you just haven’t thought about it. No fault and nothing wrong with that. It hasn’t and doesn’t yet cross your mind. You think you have time, and you very well may have plenty of time. But ladies, we are not like men who can make new sperm on a regular basis. We are born with a pre-determined number of eggs and should consider them, in the meantime. Think of what you should potentially do to maintain your fertility. “Knowledge is power and information is liberating.” -Kofi Annan